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"If you're a practitioner of Centering Prayer, even a beginning one, it will have been indelibly etched in your mind that contemplation is 'resting in God.' This is the beautiful, simple explanation condensed by Thomas Keating from a teaching by Pope Gregory the Great (540-604), .This "resting" implies a movement beyond thinking, emoting, sensing, and self-reflection to a simple presence, which Keating likes to evoke in terms of that beautiful line in Psalm 133: 'Lord, I keep my soul at peace, like a weaned child in mother's arms.'"

                   - The Heart of Centering Prayer, Cynthia Bourgeault, p.165

"If we are absolutely grounded in the absolute love of God that protects us from nothing even as it sustains us in all things, then we can face all things with courage and tenderness and touch the hurting places in others and in ourselves with love.”           - James Finley




Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. offers so many wonderful resources to encourage and support your centering prayer experience.  Explore what they have to offer here:


Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman, Alabama

Benedictine Sisters Retreat Center:


Northwest Florida Contemplative Outreach Chapter:


St. Mary's Sewanee Retreat Center, Sewanee: TN 


Contemplative Outreach of Atlanta: 

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